Academic Projects

3-D Apartment Design with moving objects

  • In our Computer Graphics course I designed a 3-D apartment which is interactive.
  • With keyboard and mouse, one can move in the apartment and rotation of objects is possible.
  • Ambient, diffuse and point lighting is used.
  • For coding I used C++ and opengl.

Automated car counter in a Garage

  • In our Digital System Design Course I created a automatic car counter which can be used in garage.
  • I used FPGA, IR sensor and verilog for programming.
  • I used state machine to count car and for going in several states.

Industry Management Software

  • In our third year software Development Project, me and my partner developed a Industry Management Software.
  • We developed several modules such as salary section, attendance section, production section etc. In these modules we calculated various computation to run a Industry.
  • We used Crystal Report for report generation.
  • Microsoft .Net framework and C# language is used for programming.
  • Oracle database is used for storing data.

Automatic Traffic Controlling System

  • As a part of Peripherals and interfacing course, I designed an automatic traffic controller system.
  • I used 8051 micro-controller and C language for programming

Profile Management System for Voters

  • In our Database course I designed a database for profile management system for voters
  • Information about voter can be queried from this database
  • I used six tables, PL/SQL and Oracle database

Online Polling system

  • I our Internet Programming Laboratory, I developed a website in which one can create poll about any topic.
  • At first everyone has to open an account to participate on a poll.
  • One can comment in a individual poll.
  • results of polls are shown through visual bar graph.
  • I used PHP, AJAX, JavaSript, jQuery and Mysql database.

Research Paper Writing Software

  • In the software development project held in our second year, me and my partner developed a software where one can easily write technical paper.
  • Auto inclusion of reference is possible from created reference pool.
  • We used JAVA language to develop this software.